We are back up! :)
Works fine now. You may log in.

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Connection problem.
We are aware of the problem and working on it. We expect the server to be back up in no more than 3.5 hours.

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Patch Notes [03/06/2018]
Hello everyone! Here are the patchnotes for this maint:

1) Event! A mad DDoSer is lurking somewhere on our server! Details: http://forum.helnetworks.org/forum/h...t-crazy-ddoser

2) Updated the amount of required materials at Quest Coin exchanger. Now, to receive one of the items from him, you only need 10 Task coins, 5 Honor coins and 100000 Silver!

3) The level required for Crew Battle is now 75.

4) Updated rewards at Honor Coin Shop (Crew Battle NPC). Current list:

Weapons shop (16 coins price):

+0 Lightning Sword (blessed)
+0 Lightning Quanijan (blessed)
+0 Lightning Orb (blessed)
+0 Lightning Staff (blessed)
+0 Lightning Bow (blessed)

High level weapons shop (100 coins):

+0 Matt Baptiste Ridge
+0 Matt Baptiste Ribs
+0 Matt Baptiste Eye
+0 Matt Baptiste Tusk
+0 Matt Baptiste Wrath

Armor shop (8 coins):

+0 Abellus Guardians Helm (blessed)
+0 Abellus Guardians Gloves (blessed)
+0 Abellus Guardians Boots (blessed)
+0 Search Team Mask (blessed)
+0 Search Team Gloves (blessed)
+0 Search Team Boots (blessed)

High level armor shop (12 coins):

+4 Glory cloak (blessed)

+0 Matt Baptiste Helm (blessed)
+0 Matt Baptiste Gloves (blessed)
+0 Matt Baptiste Boots (blessed)
+0 Matt Baptiste Mask (blessed)
+0 Matt Baptiste Gloves (assassin) (blessed)
+0 Matt Baptiste Light boots (blessed)

5) We have distributed a bit more compensation for our players All the same, except no Wisdom material that time.

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[Event] Crazy DDoSer!
Hey everyone!

As you may have noticed, something crazy is going on with the server! A mad DDoSer is lurking somewhere on the server!

Rumors say that he is asking players for help in attacking the server, and offers the following rewards for help:

For little help he offers:

Royal Coin х3
Material Of Fortune Lv. 2
Enhance Transformation Material Lv. 2
Gift Box х5
Elixir of Swiftness х10

For greater help he gives:

Royal Coin x25
Enhanced Inch Hit Potion x10
Enhanced Excitation Potion x10
Strengthen The Strong Medicine x10
Enhanced Induction Potion x10
Magic Heart x2
Magic Blood x2
Dispel Scroll x1
Detection Scroll x1

And for the most generous helpers he offers:

Gift Box x50
Mana Potions x10
+0 Lycan's hat
+0 Lycan's helm
+0 Lycan's patch
+0 Allatariel's staff
+0 Hero's shield
Enhance Transformation Material Lv. 3
Lucky Essence Lv7 (7 days)
Sorcerer's Secret Medicine x50 + Powerful Mage Elixir x50

This won't be going on for more than 2 weeks!

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R2 day!
Hey everyone. In order to compensate the downtime, we set the R2 day to last 23 hours per day. We will keep this bonus for at least a week, starting today.

Have fun!

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Maintenance is over. Note on Refunds.
Alright, so we were having some issues with DDOS attack on our server. We worked on it and it should be fine now. Please take our sincere apologies that it took that long.

As about refund:
Every player that logged in throughout last week is gifted with the Refund box. We didn't rename it, so it appears as Lucky Essence box. Check your stash for it.
The box contains:
- Drop rune 2x (4 days)
- EXP rune 2x (4 days)
- Silver rune 2x (4 days)
- Enhanced ring of Sun (3 days)
- Enhanced belt of Sun (3 days)
- Material of Wisdom (7 days)
- Witch necklace (63 lvl, 3 days)

IMPORTANT DETAIL: The box is BOUND, as well as all items inside of it. If you take it from your stash NOT on your main character, you then will not be able to pass those on your main account.

Oh and yes, the siege will not be rolled back. Sorry.

Have fun!

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Maintenance is over. Short patchnote.
Hey, you may log in.

1) Removed 30x Base Materials from cash shop.
2) Increased drop chance of Dark Lord scrolls 1.5x more.

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[24/05/2018 Maintenance]
Tomorrow [24/05/2018] we will have a maintenance. No major changes yet, just a little bit of background work. Oh, and also, Base Mats x30 will be removed from the cash shop.

Refund for the bugged cash shop items will be done tomorrow during maintenance. Sorry for the delay, guys.

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Patch Notes [12/05/2018]
Hey everyone. There are not a lot of changes this time.

1) Increased droprate for Dark Lord scroll and Base Materials x5 x10 packs by two times.

2) Base materials are on sale for 2 weeks. You can get a pack of 30 Base Materials for 900 D-points. This item will be removed after the next maint.

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Patch Notes [09/04/2018]
Hello everyone! This one is rather large update with a new cool system. The list of updates is also big, though most of them are minor ones. Here it is:

- Lucky Rabbit event. 2 weeks. Here is the link (http://forum.helnetworks.org/forum/h...ent-09-04-2018).

- The main change: now we have a new type of item named Essences. I will write a detailed guide a bit later. For now you may look for Leah NPC (Helper), we have moved her a bit, but I think you'll be able to find her. Click the new link in her dialogue (Tell me about Dark Lord). Short note: essences are to be equipped to Lucky Material slot.

- Added new item: Upgraded Efreet's ring.

- Added Sealed Caves 2 and a couple of other places to Teleport points list (Epic Transfer ring only).

- Made a lot of Bosses stronger. List includes:

Black Wyvern
Hellgate Guardian
Lich King
Meteos' Gatekeeper
Gorish Queen
Ruler of the Earth
Lord of Venom
Conqueror of the Ocean
Flame Tyrant
(and probably some others, I may have forgotten some )

- But! We added some new drops to them. Specifically:

5 Base materials

Outsider Fire Olympus
Outsider dark feet pterosaur
Outsider guarded the gates of hell
Outsider Lich King
Outsider Baalpeor
Outsider Stinger Scorpion Queen
Outsider Paet
Outsider Oaks
Outsider Qi in the cold.
Outsider Lich Queen
Outsider female dragon
Outsider Zombie Ogre King
Ruler of the Earth
Lord of Venom
Conqueror of the Ocean
Flame Tyrant
Evil Hanuman
Lord of Arkrian
Knight Head of Larcat

5 Base Materials (increased chance)

Meteos' Gatekeeper
Black Wyvern
Hellgate Guardian
Lich King
Gorish Queen
Jupiter evil
Baalbek Commander

10 Base Materials

Julio Matt

Shining Enhance Scrolls

Black Wyvern
Hellgate Guardian
Lich King

Piece of Blessed enhance material

Gorish Queen

Dark Lord's Scroll (this one is kind of rare drops)

Black Wyvern
Hellgate Guardian
Lich King
Ruler of the Earth
Lord of Venom
Conqueror of the Ocean
Flame Tyrant

Also, increased drop chances on Efreet's weapons (only for drops as is, not for the boxes).

- Fixed Attack Speed totem for Summoners. Now works correctly and gives plenty of attack speed (we will probably balance it in the future).

- Increased damage of Hellfire Orb.

- Changed the comission % and price at Auction House.

- Emerald Keys are no longer available in cash shop (we will change the droplist on it and get them back on later).

- Moved NPC that trades Heal Potions (now placed right by the stash NPC).

- Now Holy enhance scrolls can be put in the Private shop.

- Fixed Transform ring aura on Chronos transform.

- Weapon Merchant now sells +0 Saber, +0 Twin Swords, +0 Hunter's Musket, +0 Bloody Roar, 150000 silver each.

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