[Event] Referrals on October.
Hello everyone!

Hurry up, invite your friend using your referral link (available at http://r2.helnetworks.org/?a=refcp), and he will receive a +9 Hunting Weapon for every character created until November 1st!

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[Patch Notes] 03/08/17
Major changes:

1) Added transform books as rewards for most of the epic quests. Those of the epic quests that don't have a transform book reward, now give a better reward than they did previously. Those players who have already done these quests have the last quest reset in the whole chain.

2) From now on monsters don't drop Seals for Transfer rings. Instead, every character now has in-built memory list for Rare and Epic transfer rings.

3) Added craft for Hellfire grade of rings.

4) Introduced 90 lvl Apollo and Artemis necklaces (sold in cash shop).

Lesser tweaks:

1) Fixed size of the Neptune transform.

2) Fixed duration of the Agility potion +2.

3) Tried fixing Defence boost bug. Let's see if it works.

4) Replaced icons for +1, +2 and +3 Transparent cloaks and some magical stones (dungeon quest items).

Cash shop edits:

1) Added Apollo and Artemis necklaces.

2) Added Gold and Silver premium boxes. Silver box contains Drop, Exp and Silver runes for 30 days. Gold box has Drop, Exp and Silver runes, Book of Traveler and Draco mount for 30 days.

3) Added Enriched Health Potions (medium).

4) Removed less used positions.

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[Event] Cheeky Rabbit's Event!
Hello everyone!

We are introducing a reworked Cheeky Rabbit event for you.
During the event players can meet Cheeky Rabbit and ask him to exchange Cheeky Rabbit's card for a bunch of useful stuff!
Cards can be obtained by hunting monsters all over the Callport.

Cheeky Rabbit's list for 10 cards:

Royal Coin х3
Material Of Fortune Lv. 2
Enhance Transformation Material Lv. 2
Gift Box х5
Elixir of Swiftness х10

Cheeky Rabbit's list for 100 cards:

Royal Coin x50
Enhanced Inch Hit Potion x20
Enhanced Excitation Potion x20
Strengthen The Strong Medicine x20
Enhanced Induction Potion x20
Magic Heart x4
Magic Blood x4
Skull of Phatafos
Piece of Blessing Enhancement Material

Cheeky Rabbit's list for 300 cards:

Gift Box x50
Enhanced Sun Ring (3 days)
Enhanced Sun Belt (3 days)
Enhanced Sun Necklace (3 days)
Enhance Transformation Material Lv. 3
Lucky Essence Lv7 (7 days)
Sorcerer's Secret Medicine x50 + Powerful Mage Elixir x50

The event is planned for 2 weeks.
Good luck!

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[Maintenance Notice] 03/08/2017
Hey guys!

We're currently having a maintenance. It is going to take a while, we are introducing a lot of cool stuff.


Привет, ребята!

Сейчас проходит профилактика. Она продлится несколько дольше, чем обычно - ставим много классных нововведений!


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