Refund for yesterday :)
Hey everyone. Yesterday our server provider had some troubles, so login server was down for a while. We are refunding 130 Dpts for everyone who has been trying to log in yesterday from 1:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

Have fun!

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We congratulate all of our players on the coming of the Year of the Earth Dog
We wish you all the luck and wealth! Thank you for staying with us. We are looking forward to provide a better service to you, as well as we hope that you guys all play fair and the year goes without any excesses.


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We are looking for a Chinese crew member!
Hey everyone. HelNet team is looking for a new staff member. Minimal criteria are:
  1. Speaking English and Chinese on at least decent level. Ability to communicate in basic english without a translator. Mostly, especially in the nearest future, your main task will be helping out with translations and communicating with the Chinese part of community.
  2. Being familiar with realities of the game and our server, or be ready to learn it REAL quick. Ingame balance, overall economics, names of the items, presence in QQ or whatever you guys use for communication among community, etc.
  3. Willingness to help us and take part in providing a better service for our dear players (not only Chinese fellas! )
If and ONLY if you feel like you meet the requirements above (or if you know someone that could!), please message me in our Discord channel to know about the details (

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[Patch Notes] 28/12/17
1) New Years event comes! (see;
2) Buffs that are given for completion of Vigilante quests are amplified. That change is permanent.
Drop rate buff: 5% -> 50%
Exp rate from monsters buff: 10% -> 75%
Overall Exp rate buff: 1% -> 10%
Monster Slain buff: 1 -> 4
Healt Potions bonus buff: 1 -> 5
HP and MP Regen: 1 -> 5
Anti Flame Strike buff: 1 -> 5
Weight buff: 1000 -> 1500
3) Added Emerald Key to the cash shop.
List of items that can be received, if you open Gold Chest with an Emerald Key see here (
Note that we replaced Phatafos Skull with Ember of the beginning (3) on the first list.

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[Event] Happy New Year, our dear players!
Hello everyone.

Today we're starting the New Years event. In order to participate in the event, you should first meet the Santa helper in Ashburn town. Ask her for further directions. After you have completed 4 tasks in 4 towns, come to Ashburn again and meet Snow Maiden nearby the fountain. She will be happy to give you an important task. Each time you complete it, not only you will receive a sweet reward, but also will be charmed with winter magic.

Have fun!

List of items from Santa helpers quests:
- Ring of Teleportation (14d);
- Luck Essence Lv7 (5d);
- Firecrackers.

Buff received from Snow Maiden: all 9 buffs from Vigilante quests (changes on that see

List of items that can be received from Snow Maiden:
- Matt Baptiste's Chest (armor);
- Event coins (10);
- Exp Rune box (Advanced) (contains runes with x4-x7 Exp bonus);
- Splendid Rings of Strength, Agility, Intelligence; Splendid Belts of Str, Agi, Int; Splendid Necklaces of Str, Agi, Int;
- Ice Candy or Smiley firecracker.

You will also receive a Rudolf Ring (14d) from the Snow Maiden.

On top of all that, R2 Day is extended. For the time of the event, it will be going from 11am to 11pm.

Event is planned to end 2 weeks after New Year comes

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Task production is fixed.
Good news!

Task production (任务制作) is now fixed. Your character does not have to be online at 6 AM (server time) in order to refresh the quest.

Have a good day!

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